If you have 12 students in a class say, put the numbers 1 to 12 on pieces of paper and place them into ballons. Ask the class questions, the first to get it right with the correct working gets to burst a ballon and collect a number. Each number represents a prize which can be collected at the end.

Great for plenary, revision, endĀ of term activity.



The Oyster Card Challenge

A task where the students need to use all the triangle constructions and perpendicular bisectors to plot a route around London.

map (1)



Map needs to be printed in A4 so it’s the correct size.

[Resource taken from TES – bwellbrook]


Exam Feedback

1. Go through the 6 most difficult questions before giving the papers back

2. Give papers back for students to look through

3. In pairs, student to answer the next 10 most difficult questions.

4. Share/discuss answers with group

5. Group to complete the test again in class and for prep